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Many businesses don't think about their door systems until there is a problem. With our SafedoorPM planned maintenance and safety compliance program, we'll make sure your doors and dock systems get the right maintenance, completed to the right standards, at the right times. Many door systems only require maintenance once or twice per year. Some doors systems require maintenance more often due to frequency of use, environment, and other factors.

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First, we will schedule an initial inspection and service of your door systems. During this initial visit, we will create an inventory of all doors. We will check and maintain all of your door systems' important components, including mechanical and structural elements, controls, settings, and safety devices.

You'll receive a detailed Planned Maintenance Report for each door. This report will include our technician's notes, photos, the work completed, and repair work required, if any. If repairs are needed, we will typically quote that work separately for your approval.

Finally, we will suggest a future planned maintenance schedule to keep your doors running properly and safely. All of your records will be saved in SafedoorPM's cloud-based Customer Portal, where they are securely stored and freely accessible 24/7. Underwood Door Company will track your planned maintenance schedule so you don't have to and we'll contact you to schedule our visit.

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